Our reports are the best in the industry.

Single family home reports contain about 28-38 pages of helpful information. We identify problems and defects, record ages of components and give helpful information and tips. We also include diagrams and digital photos. All the information is put into an easy to read detailed report.


We compile a cost estimate of all the material defects found with the home. These costs are categorized and totaled for quick reference and put into a separate report that is easy to share with contractors, lawyers or realtors.


The reports will be emailed to you as a PDF file within 24 hours.


Feel free to view the sample reports on this page of actual inspections.

Reports emailed within 24 hours.

“Summary Report” notes areas of concern in a clear and concise narrative, coupled with a “good faith” estimate to remedy such defect(s). It should be noted, that these estimates could fluctuate with a multitude of factors; hence we are not bound to them.  This report was designed for our clients to provide a quick reference guide of the notable concerns, which can be easily distributed or used as a checklist of items that need attention.

After your inspection you will be emailed two reports.

The “Residential Inspection Report” is the entire and complete report.  In addition to the findings of the “Summary Report”, this report is a complete and comprehensive report; that includes but is not limited to: photos, research tools, and other useful information

Click on report to view in its entirety

Click on report to view in its entirety

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