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What are we checking during a Wind Mitigation Inspection?



Roof Covering:  When was the roof installed and does it meet the 1994 or 2002 Building Codes?


Roof Deck Attachement: What type of roof decking is on the home and how is it attached?  Is the roof decking stapled or are nails used?  If nails are used, what are the lengths of the nails and how far apart are they?


Roof to Wall Attachement:  Is the roof truss system attached with toe nailing, hurricane clips, single wrapped strapping or double wrap strapping?


Roof Geometry:  Is the roof a Hip roof or an other type of design?  A Hip roof is shaped like a pyramid on all four sides of the home.


Secondary Water Barrier:  Does the home have a secondary water barrier installed on the roof?  Documentation from your roofer or pictures of the installation is required to qualify for this possible discount.


Opening Protection:  Is there wind borne debris protection installed on the home?  If so, what is     the rating associated with the protection devises?  To qualify for this potential discount, 100% of all openings need to be covered with Hurricane rated protection. 


All items that have been added or upgraded for wind protection need to have documentation as to when they were purchased and installed or have the proper wind rating markings on them. 


Wind Mitigation Inspection Cost.


The cost for a wind Mitigation Inspection is $125.

If you need a Four Point and a Wind Mitigation we do a package of both for $150!


In most cases the homeowners discounts the first year are more than the inspection cost. 


Click below to download a copy of the OIR-B1-1802 (Rev. 01/12)

Wind Mitigation Form

OIR-B1-1802 2012.pdf

Four Point Inspections

Your insurance company may ask you for a 4-point inspection in order to write or renew your insurance policy. Usually this request is made due to the age of the home (25 to 50 years old and older). This inspection is designed to give a condition and age of the four major features of the home.

1. Roof


3. Plumbing

4. Electrical

This inspection is not a detailed home inspection and is not a wind mitigation inspection to get discounts on your insurance. It is used to see what upgrades were done to older homes, age of components and if there are any defects that present a hazard.

Four Point Cost - $125

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According to Florida Statute 626.0629, insurance companies are required to offer Florida homeowners "discounts, credits, or other rate differentials..." for construction techniques that reduce damage and loss in windstorms.

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